Saturday, June 8, 2024

Massachusetts Disability Rights Advocates Available for Interviews

Second Thoughts Director John B. Kelly [pictured right] says,

“Legalized assisted suicide is less about pain and more about fear of increasing disability and dependence on others. We support equal suicide prevention services, and yet individual suicide isn’t illegal. Our bottom line: keep your assisted suicide away from vulnerable people and our unequal and broken healthcare system.” John is commonly referred to as “paralyzed from the neck down,” which makes him eligible, in Canada and elsewhere, for lethal injection. Contact for Mr. Kelly 617-952-3302.

Second Thoughts member Pamela Daly says, “Bills like S.1331 have the potential to cause great harm to marginalized people like me and must not pass. Its safeguards are ridiculously easy to get around, and in other states that passed these bills, proponents soon got busy weakening them.” Ms. Daly 617-543-7868

Second Thoughts is a grassroots group of disability rights advocates from Massachusetts and the region which opposes the legalization of assisted suicide as a deadly form of discrimination against disabled people. We demand social justice against laws, policies, and media messages fueled by social bias. We organized in 2012 to help defeat assisted suicide Ballot Question 2. Since then, we have helped defeat 5 more bills in the legislature.